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It is time to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education. The current Department of Education is not only unconstitutional and a massive power grab by the federal government, but it was established during the Carter Administration as a pay off to the teacher’s unions. Since then, the quality of education within the U.S. has gotten exponentially worse despite the hundreds of billions of dollars we spend. The U.S. ranks very low when it comes to reading, math, and science when compared to the rest of the world. Our students know more about drag shows and transgenderism than they do about the history of their own country and lack basic comprehension and reasoning skills. Our education system operates on a one-size-fits-all policy, which often promotes the ideology of the current administration.

“I am content, sir, to leave this matter of education where our fathers left it, where the history of our country left it, to the schools systems of the different towns, cities and states…[This legislation] proposes to collect such statistics which will give a controlling power over the schools systems of the states.”

~Rep. Andrew Rogers (D-N.J.)

when speaking about the Department of Education Act in 1867.

We’ve done it before. In 1867, President Andrew Johnson signed the Department of Education Act. It was supposed to be limited in its power, collecting only “statistics and facts as shall show the condition and progress of education in the United States.” However, it was short-lived and gotten rid of.


Whenever the federal government gives money to the states, it comes with strings attached. This is very evident in education. In order for states to get federal funds for education, they have to accept the Department of Education’s rules and regulations regarding what the states, localities, and schools can do.


Every state, every county has different needs, which is why education needs to be decentralized and control of it given back to the states and their individual counties, cities, and towns.

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