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Protect the Border

Border security is not a Democrat issue, nor is it a Republican issue. It is an American issue.

For years, politicians have gone back and forth on the border, with some wanting to close it while others wish to leave it open. A nation that refuses to secure its own borders is doomed to fall victim to invasion. We are being invaded by foreign nationals, many of whom are military-age men.

President Biden’s current border policy is not only reckless but also a complete violation of his constitutional duties to secure the nation from foreign invasion.

When the president puts our sovereignty at risk through the opening of our borders, Congress needs to overturn it and not pay lip service to it or conduct theatrical displays of visiting the border to address the crises.

Janet McNulty supports closing both the southern and northern borders until the current influx of illegal immigration is under control. After which, all immigrants will be forced to go through a port of entry, where they will go through an extensive background check to ensure that they are not criminal, are not participating in drug trafficking, and are not participating in human trafficking.

Janet McNulty supports the deportation of illegal immigrants through the use of traffic stops. If, when pulled over, the individual is an illegal immigrant, he or she will be detained. A person will only be pulled over if a traffic violation is committed, so civil liberties will remain protected. This can serve as a model for other states.

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