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About Janet McNulty

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Two years ago, Janet McNulty reminded you of a quote attributed to Edmund Burke: that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. During Covid, she watched as we lost our freedoms due to fear and greed. Many lost our jobs due to unconstitutional mandates or saw their income cut in half as hours and pay were reduced. Janet McNulty watched the news, shaking her head at the talking heads, wishing that someone, somewhere, would stand up and do the right thing. She put her faith in individuals who said all the right things, things she agreed with, only to be disappointed in the end as they turned into another career politician. She is tired of feeling used by those elected to represent me. She is tired of her behind being kissed every two years by politicians who only care about the next election, who announce their bid for office soon after winning election/re-election.

Janet realized, that sometimes, you have to be that someone. She loves this country. She loves this state. This is why Janet McNulty is running for the United States Senate. At the very least, she can be a voice for sanity and a voice for our individual liberties.

Janet McNulty was born during February 1984 at Travis Air Force Base to a military family. During her childhood, her parents left the military and her mother took a civil service job. They never stayed in one place because her mother’s job required the family to move from time to time, allowing Janet the opportunity to live in places such as Nevada, Nebraska, and Montana. She attended Northern State University in South Dakota where she graduated in December 2006 with a B.A. in History. Following graduation, Janet moved to West Virginia for a job offer that fell through, beginning an eight-year period of unemployment where she took any temporary job she could just to pay bills. Janet even became a published author. In the past three years she studied IT at Southern New Hampshire University and graduated in 2021 with a M.S. in Information Technology. Currently, she works full time in retail as she pursues opportunities to use her degree.​

This is Janet McNulty's life in a nutshell. A life of economic reverses and adversity and having to put her pride aside and work through it.

Janet does not come from wealth. She comes from a family of modest means. Janet has worked hard every day since she was 16 and understands the value of hard work and sacrifice. She never wanted a career in politics and has tried to run away from it, but life has shown her that we have career politicians who believe that they own us and can run our lives for us and who have been in politics her entire lifetime. Janet believes that West Virginia does not need future career politicians.


It is time to end the reign of the career politician.

The government’s continued response to issues has demonstrated a bigger tragedy: the loss of our freedom as those who lust for power steal it from us. For too long Janet wished that an ordinary man would stand up and fight the overreach by our government and fight to preserve the founding ideals of America and our freedom. After a while, she realized that she cannot keep waiting, nor can the state and country, for someone to come along. Sometimes, you have to be that person.

This is why Janet McNulty is running for the U.S. Senate.

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