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About the 2024 Primary Election

The 2024 Primary Election is May 14.


Make sure you are registered to vote. The last day to register to vote for the 2024 election cycle is April 23, 2024.


The Republican party is considering closing their primary election to only Republican voters. If you are registered as an independent, you will not be able to vote in the Republican primary. It is undecided if it will be closed for the 2024 election cycle, but is very likely that it will be closed for the 2026 election cycle. This means that if you want to vote for a candidate running in the Republican primary, you will need to be a registered Republican. Updates to follow.


The Democrat primary is open, meaning that voters registered as Independents will be able to vote in the Democrat Primary on May 14 if they choose.


You can find all important dates regarding the 2024 election here.

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