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Term Limits

​At the end of his second term as president, George Washington chose to leave office and return to Mount Vernon, becoming the first person in American history to walk away from power, thus putting his faith in the system of government he established and trusting those who came afterward to take up the reins of leadership and governance. Up until the 20th Century such actions were the norm for most American politicians, where they would do their time of service, serve a limited number of years, and return home. This is how a representative government works. Unfortunately, we have become a nation of career politicians, the politically well-connected, wealthy elites, special interests, and the most well-funded.

This is not who we are, and we are better than this.


For too long, the United States has been governed by individuals who have been in the same office for decades and by those who are well on their way to doing the same because they managed to garner favor from the leaders of their political party through a lot of, for lack of a better term, butt-kissing. Some have been there longer than I’ve been alive. One of the biggest issues plaguing this country is career politicians who refuse to step aside. Many individuals go into politics, hoping to turn it into a lucrative career, whether they hold the same seat for 40 years, like in the case of Nancy Pelosi, decide to serve 10 years (5 terms)

Janet McNulty calling for term limits at the state level March 2022.

in the House of Representatives before moving to the U.S. Senate, change parties just to win office with the intention of later making a jump into higher office, or hope to use current sentiment and the talking points of the day just to get into office at a young age and remain there, until he becomes part of the geriatric parade.


In the end, there has been little turn-over in Congress, causing it to turn into a cesspool of career politicians—leading to an entrenched political class that rules over us instead of governs—passing useless and dangerous legislation (the Patriot Act and the proposal of the Restrict Act) that is more symbolism than substance or results in limiting our freedom as they pretend to be working for us.


For the last 70 years, Congressional Representatives and Senators have turned into a class of people that care more about maintaining their position of power, choosing to do the bidding of massive corporations and lobbyists in return for campaign funds or help in their re-election bid or pursuit of higher office.


It is time for that to end.

Janet McNulty proposes to do this by amending the U.S. Constitution. An example of such an amendment is as follows:



Janet McNulty will push for a constitutional amendment that imposes term limits on all members of Congress from Day 1, putting them, and herself, out of a job. It is time to end the reign of the career politician(s) and the entrenched political class.

Resolved, that no individual may serve more than two two terms, whether consecutive or nonconsecutive, (totaling 12 years) in the U.S. Senate or serve more than three terms, whether consecutive or nonconsecutive, (totaling 6 years) in the U.S. House of Representatives in their lifetime. Once the number of specified terms in either the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives is reached, that individual is barred from serving in that office for the rest of his/her natural life.

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